Dallas Sports Tickets And The Sports Scene

The high demand for Dallas sports tickets provides proof of how fans love their home team even if teams’ performances are not particularly impressive. If you look at the performance history of Dallas teams in major sports leagues in the USA, you can understand one thing clearly – save for the five Super Bowl victories of Dallas Cowboys in National Football League (NFL) and a single championship victory by Dallas Stars in National Hockey League (NHL), there is nothing much to write about.

But from the impressive figures about the increasing sales of Dallas sports tickets, it can be understood that fans love their teams as an expression of their local pride, which is not based on the number of wins the team scores. However, there is no denying that consistently good performances of the team help in attracting more people to the stadium.

An Introduction To Dallas Sports Scene

Most of the teams in the city have a comparatively short history. All the league teams of Dallas had been founded in the second half of the twentieth century. The oldest among them is Dallas Cowboys, which was established in 1960. Its home ground is Texas Stadium.
Initially the team was christened Dallas Steers but was later renamed as Dallas Rangers. Cowboys, is its third and last name.

After a slow and steady start, Cowboys became a major force in the NFL. It is the first team to win three Super Bowls in four years � from 1992 to 1995. George Andrie, Bill Bates, Bob Breunig, and Larry Brown are some of the great players who have played for Cowboys.

Texas Rangers represents Dallas in Major League Baseball (MLB). It was established in 1972. It plays its home matches in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The team so far has not won even a single championship. Dallas Mavericks plays in the NBA representing the city. It has managed to achieve a reputation of a giant killer, with some stunning victories over highly fancied teams. But so far it has not won any NBA championships. Its giant-killing acts have certainly helped to increase the sale of Dallas sports tickets though.

Dallas Mavericks is one of the newer teams in the NBA. It was founded only in 1980. Its home turf is American Airlines Center, which is the sporting hub of the city. It also hosts the home grounds of Dallas Stars of NHL and Dallas Desperados of Arena Football League. A majority of Dallas sports tickets lead the buyers to American Airlines Center.

The Forbes Magazine puts Mavericks as the third most valuable team in the NBA, behind New York Nicks and Los Angeles Lakers. The club produced good performances during the first half of 1980s. The team was served well by good players such as Jay Vincent, Rolando Blackman, and Derek Harper. But towards the end of 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, the team lost its sheen, as one defeat followed another. Jason Kidd who was drafted into the team in 1994 infused life into the team.

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